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Pre-cooked Sausages:

Fennel sausages

Fennel                $10.00 per 371g pack (approximately 8 sausages)

A distinct touch of fennel. A beautiful breakfast sausage, goes nicely with eggs and bacon on a lazy Sunday morning … of course there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying them whenever.

Wiener sausages

Wiener             $10.00 per 371g pack (approximately 8 sausages)

Invented in Wien (Vienna) by a butcher from Frankfurt, which is why some folks call them Frankfurters. This is how they are meant to taste.

Nürnberger sausages

Nürnberger        $10.00 per 371g pack (approximately 8 sausages)

Traditionally eaten with Sauerkraut - clearly not a must of course. They pair beautifully with mild/sweet mustard or tomato sauce and fries. Kids love them as well.

Curry sausages

Curry                $10.00 per 371g pack (approximately 8 sausages)

Flavoured with mild curry, they give tomato sauce yet another reason to exist. Enjoy them with fries, hash browns or potatoes or just solo.

Curry sausages

Cheese Buster        $10.00 per 371g pack (approximately 8 sausages)

For cheese lovers we have an Italian herb sausage with chunks of Cheddar, topped off with a touch of pepper.

Curry sausages

Zigeuner            $10.00 per 371g pack (approximately 8 sausages)

The hot devil: spice sausages with more than just a touch of chilly.

Bavarian Sausage Tour        $10.00 per 371g pack

A mixture for everyone - two of each flavour: Fennel, Curry, Nürnberger and Wiener.

Devil`s Cheesy Pack            $10.00 per 371g pack

Contrasts are known to attract each other: four Cheese and four Zigeuner sausages.

Pre-cooked Cold Cuts:

Curry sausages
Curry sausages

Leberkäse            $10.00 per 371g pack

A fine pre-backed Bavarian meatloaf. Enjoy straight out of the fridge, thinly sliced with mustard and gherkins on bread, or reheat for your evening meal. Thickly sliced and pan fried with egg and spinach.

Lyoner                $6.00 per 220g pack     non sliced, different sizes are available

A fine blended lunch-time sausage. Ideal for sandwiches, crackers or a quick snack. Traditionally served as Wurstsalat´, finely sliced with onions (cheese and gherkins optional), salt, pepper, vinegar and a touch of oil.

Pre-cooked Hams:

BavariaNZ Kassler            $5.00 per 135g pack 

Slices of cooked Manuka smoked pork loin, cured for ten days in selected herbs and spices. Thinly sliced and perfect.

Curry sausages

Ham Royale            $10.00 per 225g pack     non sliced, different sizes are available

Made from only the finest New Zealand pork filet, this lightly Manuka smoked ham is a real mouth watering experience. Best sliced thinly to bring out its nuanced flavours.