Artisan Bavarian smallgoods, crafted right here in the Wairarapa


BavariaNZ is where the two renowned worlds of German sausage-making and quality New Zealand meat combine. The best of both cultures, locally handcrafted.

Germans, especially Bavarians, have proudly crafted sausages and hams for over 600 years. It’s part of our heritage. In every town in Bavaria you are bound to find a local butchery, selling traditional goods, the recipes having been passed down through the generations.

Born in New Zealand to Bavarian parents, Sebastian followed his roots to Wartenberg (near Munich) and spent four years learning from one of Bavaria’s best butchers, Metzgerei Stuhlberger. Even among Bavarians Metzgerei Stuhlberger is known for the variety and quality of their smallgoods. Family owned  and operated for many generations, it is a brilliant place to learn the true art of butchery from start to finish.

Now that he’s back, Sebastian has set out to bring a selection of Bavaria’s favourite flavours home to New Zealand.