Turning your farmed or hunted meat into the culinary enjoyment it deserves to be.

At BavariaNZ we pride ourselves in turning your dedicatedly raised farm meat or successfully hunted game into a wide variety of cuts and German style smallgoods. Our sausages are handcrafted, following authentic traditional recipes. 

Your products come vacuum packed, clearly labelled and with packaging date, ensuring your search for the right packet is no lucky dip.

Vacuum packaging allows you to fit more into your freezer. It is tidy, easy to handle and prevents freezer burn.

Sausages come pre-cooked and are made using only carefully selected ingredients. No pre-mixes, fillers or preservatives, just 100% your meat plus pork fat (which we supply), selected spices (no pre-mixes) and water. The result is the truly authentic taste Bavarian butcheries are known for.