We proudly process your farmed beef, lamb, pork and hunted game meat to your customised needs.

After having raised, fed and cared for your livestock you will want your hard work to pay off. At BavariaNZ we pride ourselves in making sure that this is the case.  

All your products will be vacuum packed, clearly labeled, dated and portioned to fit your household requirements.

If you are new to homekill processing or have any questions, please feel free to give us a call, we’ll happily talk you through the process.

Please pre-book any livestock beforehand to ensure that we have the capacity.

All prices are GST inclusive


Beef price: $1.95/kg hook weight (carcass weight).

This includes all standard cuts: steaks, mince, casserole, roast, schnitzel and corned. Sausages are additional, please see Sausages page for details.

Beef sheet PDF.doc

If you are planning to have your beef processed during peak time (November/December) we recommend to have your booking in by September.


Standard size $45 

Larger sheep (40kg or more carcass weight) or overly fat (more than 2.5cm fat cover) $50

This includes standard cuts: roast, chops, racks, shanks, leg steaks.  Boned and rolled is an additional $2.50 each.

Mutton sheet PDF.doc


Up to 55kg carcass weight $80 

Price for larger pigs to be discussed.

This includes standard cuts: roast, chops, shanks. Boned and rolled an additional $5 each.

Ham and bacon $25 each (already cooked, not raw).

Pork sheet PDF.doc


Standard cuts: back steaks, fillets, steaks and mince.

Small deer $75 

Medium deer $95

Large deer $110

Schnitzel additional $5 per leg.

Sausages are additional, please see Sausages page for details.

All venison must be skinned before dropping off.