Our products are made following traditional recipes without the use of any fillers. All sausages are gluten free and nitrate free and extremely low carb.  

All goods are made from 100% your meat with the addition of pork fat which we supply. We pre-cook, vacuum pack and clearly label all your goods to ensure neat presentation, easy handling, efficient storing and the prevention of freezer burn.

Before you rush off excitedly about all the different flavours to choose from there are a couple of things to note:

1.     The smallest batch size per flavour is 6kg of lean trimmed meat, which will give you approximately 10kg of sausages with the addition of pork fat, water and herbs and spices. We can make you more per flavour, just not less.

2.     Please let us know if you or anyone you share your sausages with suffers from food allergies.

3.     There are two calibres of sausage casings you can choose from:

            Standard: 32-34mm diameter hog casings. Individual sausage weight 90grams approx.

            Breakfast style: 23mm collagen casings. Individual sausage weight 60grams approx.

 All prices are GST inclusive


Standard / Thick calibre $8.50/kg

Breakfast style / Thin calibre  $10.50/kg

Sausages with cheese added additional $1.00/kg

Nürnberger Bratwurst     

The traditional German Bratwurst. A popular mixed herb flavour which is ideal for any meal.

Kids friendly.


Also known as Frankfurter. 

Kids friendly.


A distinct touch of fennel.


Mildly flavoured for curry fans.


Just a plain sausage to be complemented by the sauce of your choice.

Kids friendly.


The hot devil: spicy sausage with more than just a touch of chilly.

Cheese Buster        

For cheese lovers we have an Italian herb sausage with chunks of Cheddar, topped off with a touch of pepper.

Cheese & Onion        

A classic cheese sausage with that nice touch of onion.

Chilli Cheese        

A combination of our Zigeuner and Cheese Buster it is as the name already suggests a spicy cheese sausage.

Other options:

Leberkäse / Meatloaf            

Better known as meatloaf, it is baked sausage meat ready for eating cold or reheating in the oven, pan frying or on the BBQ. Flavours for this produce are the same as for sausages.

Lyoner / Sausage Meat               

A fine blended lunch-time sausage. Ideal for sandwiches, crackers or a quick snack. This we can also do raw as sausage meat for your own dishes.

Hamburgers / Meat Patties               

These come uncooked and frozen and are ideal if you need a quick dinner or lunch.

We are constantly working on new flavours….. so please come back soon